Below is a generalized list of items included in my full home inspections. There is not enough space here to list everything that will be inspected. Parts of a house that would have to be damaged to inspect or are unsafe to inspect will not be inspected. If you have any questions regarding the scope of my home inspections, please call me.


Structure – The foundation, floors, framework, chimney. This will also include the inspector entering the crawl space, basement and attic when applicable, and if possible. I have no problem entering almost all attics and crawl spaces.

Electrical – Service line, capabilities (volts/amps), main breaker, fuse/breaker box (location and internal condition) proper grounding, correct sizing of breakers and/or fuses, panels (location and internal condition), wiring installation, condition of wiring, electrical distribution, operation of GFCI/AFCI’s, switches and outlets, light fixture

Plumbing – The condition of water supply and waste removal systems, including evidence of leaks, proper venting, etc. All functional fixtures and drains will be operated and inspected.  Numerous fixtures will be run at once to visually test for water flow  and  drainage from the sewer line.

Heating – Operational check and visual inspection of the primary heating system, including duct work, radiators and pipes (for boiler systems), and a test for carbon monoxide to verify the condition of the heat exchanger for forced air or gravity systems.


Air Conditioning – Operational check and visual inspection of the central AC system (weather permitting – the outside temperature must be above 65 degrees).

Exterior – Porches, decks, grounds (including grading, drainage, etc.), masonry and siding, fascia, trim, eaves, soffits, sidewalks, driveway, windows, doors.

Roof – Covering material, gutters, downspouts, flashings.

Interior – Cracks, water stains, fit of windows and doors, level and structural condition of floors.

Attached Garages Door and door safety, electrical receptacles, door openers, reflectors, springs.